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{ PATTERN TESTING } The Mira Dress

At any given the opportunity, I love to make stuff for my own kids and myself!  Heidi from Elegance and Elephants, the designer of the bubble pocket shorts we love so much, put a call out for pattern testers for the Mira Dress and I stuck my hand up  filled out the form.  She said I could join in the fun and test a size 9. Lucky for me, I have friends with girls in just about every age group who are willing models!
It was no surprise that when I started making a dress, Anya assumed it was going to be hers which lead to a lengthy decision making process on which fabric...which colour and no that one- we don't have enough ...yes we can use two fabrics... no, not those two  together...but she wants those ones for her dress...oh dear. In the end, I made 4 dresses and we love all of them!!

I really love this black floral fabric (an Art Gallery Fabric called Central Park Fog in the Gramercy range by Leah Duncan) and it goes so beautifully with a solid yellow, which was a 'slub voil…

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