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{ PATTERN TESTING} Penny Blouse by Jilly Atlanta

Ooo-la-la! French seams on a beautiful blouse mean that this Penny blouse, by Jilly Atlanta is as gorgeous on the inside as the outside. No overlocker required and the finish is perfection. This blouse has some lovely options - little flutter sleeves, a tie collar with either a bow or knot finish (I opted for the knot) or a v-back with no collar. The back is finished with buttons. I made the size 6 in a size 5 width for Anya and it fits her beautifully (she normally wears a 5-6). I chose not to add the little snaps to the back collar as I like how the collar sits with it's little wings out! In a serious pose...  Or with crazy eyes...  and ants in your pants miss silly...if anyone has tried taking photos of a 5yo before 8am you will know they have boundless energy and do not wish for standing still!!  Overall Fit - perfect My favourite feature - the french seams and bias arm and neck binding inside Self dressing factor - back butt

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