About Me

I love to sew and to create. I love to be inspired. I see things all the time and think "I could make that".  The satisfaction you get when you've made something that looks and fits, just right. Awesome!

I love being at home with my 3 gorgeous and busy children. Life with them is rarely dull, it's often crazy. I am happiest when I'm able to spend some of my day doing crafty things. The sewing and craft usually feature higher on my priority list than the cleaning!

I am blessed to have a supportive husband, who can be fastidiously tidy. You'd think that could be a good thing, but I never seem to be able to make, create and tidy away in one sitting. Everything is a continual 'work in progress'. Our spare room is now known as the 'sewing room'.

My Mum taught me to sew, when I was young. I had one of those dinky little kids sewing machines that you turn the handle to sew with.  I'm not sure what I actually made with it, dolls clothes I expect!  She was always letting me use hers, to make clothes for my cabbage patch doll, Peggy.  She bought me a sewing machine for my 23rd birthday, stipulating it had to be a Husqvarna, as that is what her mother bought for her - it is still going strong (and so is Grandma's machine, given to her by her mother!). 

Why the blog ? I want to share my creativity with anyone who wants to be inspired to do something too!  The Toffee Tree is my way of dealing with the craziness of life at home with the kids, encourages my creativity and gives me a bit of lee-way to be messy.

Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing in my sewing adventures.



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