A Bag to Keep Scones Warm

Who doesn't love scones? Especially warm scones from the oven. Delish!

I made this scone carrier for my friend Kate. She bakes the best scones. Ever. Usually they arrive in a teatowel (well, how else would you transport them?). It was supposed to be a 'housewarming' present for her, but she moved house a while ago. Plus I hadn't even started it until recently, so it became a 'thanks for making the awesome birthday cake' present.  She moved out into the Perth Hills, so it's now a bit of a drive to visit her. Or for her to visit us. So now she can still arrive with warm scones!

It is reversible and it is the second ever thing I have 'quilted'. I'm lying. The third. The first two were cot quilts, done super basically. This, I even followed the Crafty Gemini's instructions and drew lines on the fabric to get the lines straight!

If you want to see it with a cake pan or pie dish inside, have a look at one made by Cat 'n Cart Crafts.

But here is mine, OK Kate's, scone bag.

Ta-dah. Warm scones. When are you visiting this way next Kato?


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