1. How do I tie Mister Chester up again?
Just like this!

2. How do I care for my Miss Mary sun bonnet?
To best keep the shape of the hat, handwash in cold water and line dry in shade. Cool iron on the brim to re-shape if required.  Do not bleach, tumble dry, dry clean or spin dry. Don't fold your hat in half to store it, keep the brim flat or better still, keep it on a hat rack!

3. How do I best care for clothing?
Normal cold machine wash is fine for clothing. Line dry in the shade is recommended (but not essential) as the prints on cotton fabric will fade over time.Do not bleach or dry clean garments.

4. How do I choose fabric for a personalised placemat?
Click on the link to 'My Fabric Stash' off my home page, there is a selection of fabrics there for the outer and name. I generally pick the coordinating fabric for the centre and back of the placemat, but feel free to specify something if you like.
The better fabric to choose for placemats are those with smaller pictures or patterns on them. I am happy to source other fabric if you don't see what you would like, which I can email samples to you. If you can't decide, you can simply pick a colour or theme and I will put something together for you.


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