Curtains for a baby

No, not my baby! My neighbour's baby. She found some great off white curtain fabric for $5/m on a clearance table and I volunteered to sew up curtains. How hard could it be.

Hem four straight edges. Curtain tape across the top and a blindstitch hem along the bottom.

About 2 (non-consecutive) hours later...Hey presto, new curtains. Fit for a beautiful new girl. (Sorry I didn't get to photograph them up in the room).

We're not quite sure whether they'll keep as much sunlight out as she wanted, perhaps a blind behind them will do the trick...

And because they were a plain white (well, plain cream), I thought some bunting would dress them up a bit. I went for the 'neat' finish, rather than 'pinking shear' edges.

The owl fabric was left over from some I had bought to use as trim on a soft, brushed cotton cot blanket for Little Miss.  I didn't have quite enough (always the way) to do both sides of two owl flags, so for the back I found some pale pink 'toile' print. I think I like the pink better than the owls.  I had a bit of a 'doh' moment, cut the first two pale pink flags, upside down. Probably would have gone unnoticed, but I knew. I did have enough to cut to more. Lucky.  Mental note for next time, think before cutting!


The supersoft cot blanket. Home made bias binding (loving it!) around the outside and a wider strip across the top. The finished size was 120cm x 137cm, which was about about 3cm shorter than I planned. I shouldn't have cut length of brushed cotton before washing it, but I wanted to leave some unwashed to make a rag quilt.


  1. These are awesome. So clever & don't worry what Tramp says! Wait until you start bringing in the $$$$$!

  2. great work chelle!Make sure you blog about the rag quilt when you do it, would love to give that a go...lovely colour matching - love the pink and green !x


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