Mother's Day Friday

You know the feeling you get, when you drive off in the car, just by yourself. With no little people. On Friday before Mother's Day, I left the little two with a friend, so I could go to kindy for a Mother's Day afternoon tea. And be pampered. I was enjoying the thought of the pampering, probably a bit too much.
The pampering was, well it was nice. I looked nice- before kindy.  I still looked nice after kindy, according to my four year old, who painted my nails. Six different colours. Put eye shadow and blush on my face.  I didn't mind the gel in my hair so much, unlike one of the other Mum's..."oh honey, I've just washed my hair. Literally. Just now. Washed and dried it (she's smiling  grimacing at me across the table).. OK honey, go ahead". (Insert image of long hair being smushed with gel). I love my short hair. I also received a hand massage. We made a flower together with tissues. He made me a braclet with some beads. All in the space of an hour at kindy. Wow, we did a lot together.

The best part was eating the cupcakes that we decorated together. The real icing on the cake was listening to his description of the awesome plate that he made for me.  It has a half a rainbow over the top of us together.

The kids also gave the Mum's a little card watering can with flowers in it. So sweet.

And I didn't mind one little bit, being pampered by my little man. I loved it.

Then, when I got home, my kids had an early Mother's Day present for me. A new kettle! Clique I know, to get a 'kitchen gift' but that is what I wanted. And really, I'd been boiling water in a saucepan since Monday, which was getting old.

To top off a fantastic Mother's Day Friday. Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. 


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