Friday in the Garden

Our vegie patch this morning, looking so so fresh and crisp. I love the droplets of water over the leaves. We've eaten all but two of our broccoli and we are now waiting for the cauliflower to get a bit bigger.

Capsicum still fruiting from summer, brussel sprout buds are forming (no doubt I will perfect the cooking of
these little things so they are edible) and the passionfruit just keep on coming. My favourite! Yesterday I made Passionfruit Curd with the abundance of eggs we had in the fridge. (No, I don't have any chooks. Yet.) The curd was yummo! I've frozen it in little snap-lock bags so I can enjoy it once I'm over the health-kick. A wander outside in the garden early today is helping keep me on track with my nutrition plan.


Plus I wanted to take a photo of my inspiration to get out and run. If my husband can run a marathon, surely I can do a bit of exercise too. The running isn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. One day at a time. 

With a cheeky smile like this little fella, who couldn't love being outside even if it is a little chilly!


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