Tofu or what's this stuff Mum? I don't like it

I'm pretty sure I've been successful in ensuring my boys dont turn vegetarian. I'm into week 4 of my 12WBT. I am loving being told what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. Love it. Especially love not having to decide what is for dinner. Did I mention I love that part?

Except we don't love dinner with tofu. I was pretty keen to give everything on the menu a go, including putting tofu in our vegie stirfry for the extra calories. I think it was a universal rejection by all four in the family. A definate 'no-go'. Don't do it again. Little did I know there are different kinds of tofu. Ours was soft and mushy. eeeeww.  We had a bit of fun thinking about what my Dad would have done, had he been served up tofu. Would he have thrown it at Mum? Would he have chucked his whole plate in the kitchen sink? Or would he just have ranted a little about what is this s#*$. He's a meat and three vege kinda man. Thankfully, he wasn't staying with us Vegetable stirfry night (We don't make taco's for him either). I will try tofu again, perhaps with the firmer variety and marinated in something, though my husband has vowed that he wont touch the stuff again. The boys probably wont either. Anya ate hers without a word of hesitation.

FINALLY, amidst the exercise and eating plans, I've made it back to the sewing machine!  Late last week, I finished of this placemat for Caitlin on her third birthday. Plus, I made her a super cute 'Picnic in the Park Capelet' using another Make it Perfect pattern. Despite having the hood that she requires most garments to have, she's still warming up to it.  It isn't quite part of the furniture yet, though her mum is trying hard, leaving it conspiciously placed around the house. I know she'll love it when she ready! And I have even managed to do some of the less exciting things in my sewing pile...mending a stuffed teddy and taking up the hem on school trousers, but I finally did them .

Red Broadcloth
Red Riding Hood fabric from Spotlight
Alexander Henry Tillbrook Mushroom in Green
Pink and yellow fat quarters I picked up from the Craft Expo last year
Clear tablecloth plastic/vinyl from Spotlight


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