Zebra, Elephant, Flamingo

Calling all Jungle Animals, was the shout out for our little friend Isabel's first birthday party. Rather than spend time finishing her dress, so the gift was ready for her, I stayed up late sewing a zebra suit!  I had so much fun making these costumes.  My zebra loved it, he got dressed into it on Sunday morning and galloped around the house in it, checking in every so often, "is it time to go to the party yet?"

While he galloped, I made elephant ears, feet, tail and trunk for Jungle Boy #2.  Coupled with grey trackpants and a grey t-shirt from his brother's wardrobe, he was going to make a magnificent elephant. The clothes were easy to get him in. The 'elephant' attire, less so.

I can see him thinking, working out how he can get out of wearing it...

Me: "Do you want to wear your elephant costume."
N: "I don't"
Me: " Come put your elephant hat on."
N: "I don't wear hat Mum"
Me: "Do you want to wear your elephant helmet."
N: " I wear helmet Mum".

Phew... But it didn't stay on for long. The only bit that did was his tail. He couldn't see that bit.  My favourite part of his costume was the elephant feet.

He wasn't so keen on those either.  The trunk was fun for a short while.

I was impressed with my efforts until I saw Isabel in her elephant costume, which her Mum had made. Wow, it was awesome! I noticed she didn't wear her 'helmet' either.  Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to the party, so I dont have any 'action' shots of the kids running amok in the jungle, but they all had a fabulous time.

And what about Jungle Baby #3. What was she going to be?  I saw this and decided that a simple version would do for our little pink flamingo in the garden.

I bought a metre of pink tulle for $5 from Spotlight and made a no-sew tutu, a-la-Heart Break Kids, cutting 4" x 8" strips of tulle and tying them onto a loop of elastic.  Our tutu was a bit sparse, though the effect was there. Next time, two metres at least and two colours of tulle. 

And since this little miss doesn't havea whole lot of pink in her wardrobe, it was off to the neighbour's place to raid for hot pink leggings and something to go on top.  The pinks didn't quite match, which didn't really matter. At least one person guessed she was a flamingo so it must have been OK.  I stitched eyes and a beak onto our borrowed beanie (shhh dont tell Marcia, I will unpick it before I give it back...)

What I really want to know...

Jungle Boy #1 has a 60's party at kindy. Can he do zebra stripe pants?

Are you hunting? You're in the right spot.

"And they didn't get married after all. The end. "
Hint: a character from the book.

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  1. Where did you get the pattern for the zebra? Looks amazing.

  2. It was a basic pants pattern and the four seasons shirt pattern, from the Make it Perfect book. The fabric was some 'home furnishing' fabric on clearance at Spotlight. The hat I made up as I went, bonnet-like, with several 'drafts' in scrap before I did the actual one, which still isn't great but works just fine! And the felt mane was from strips of felt which I stitched on then cut after for the 'mane' effect.


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