20 Days to Organise and Clean Your Home Challenge Day 1... Kitchen

Oh. Um. Seem to have forgotten to do something today. Like check my emails (yesterday) and see what I should have done today. Today being Monday. Yes MONDAY you wally!!!  The start of the challenge right...lucky my Mum was visiting (perhaps that's why I got distracted?) and we cleaned the kitchen. Some of it anyway.

Clean: So I am part way through the kitchen clean.
  • I cleaned above the fridge about 2 weeks ago, so I'm giving myself a tick for that one. I have no other 'overhead cupboards'
  • Wipe over walls. Only exposed brick in the kitchen....so tick?
  • Dust light fittings. Thank goodness my sensible husband doesn't like fancy pendant light fittings or I'd be in trouble. I don't think ours actually collects dust, it's a long covered fluro...tick.
  • Clean windows, I did this last week, but not the tracks...no tick
  • Clean microwave...tomorrow.
  • Wipe down cupboard doors...one of those jobs I put off because there are so so many, a down side to a big kitchen I guess. Can't have it all! Tomorrow for the cupboard doors.
 De clutter: I've been working on de-cluttering the bench top anyway, most days I try to do it. Tick. Actually, I've just gone to look. No tick. It's still got stuff all over it. Milo tin, dishes that missed the dishwasher and the evening dishes run. Junk mail.

Organise: Under the kitchen sink...tomorrow. I like the look of this. Lots of little baskets lined up neatly.

Day two. Here I come. I'm ready now.

And because I haven't already done it, I should mention that my husband did run his marathon! I was so  proud of him achieving a great time. Well, I was proud of him finishing it to start with, but he did so so well. I posted a pic of Nathan holding up a sign one Friday when we were in the garden at a time when he was slacking off with his training. I was hoping it would motivated him to keep going. However, he was very good at motivating himself. Because he said he would, he did. He has amazing determination, a characteristic that I hope rubs off on his sons.

Jeez he's cute.



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