Conquering the Cleaning Game

I am finally winning the cleaning game. Today, I even managed to vacuum and mop my floors, on top of the other jobs, plus finish off the laundry cupboards! What a record achievement. Amazing what happens when you have a whole day at home with minus-one-kindy-kid.  Today I conquered!

For those who know me, you will know my floors often go a few days between sweeps (I'm being generous saying a few days...). If you are fortunate enough to stay with us, you might even find yourself wanting to sweep the floor yourself, as my brother Adrian found himself doing last time he stayed.  I wish I had thought to take my camera out today, you would see here a photo of Nathan sweeping with the mini/kid-broom. I'm sure one of The Organised Housewife's 'New Habits' is going to be sweep the floor daily. This will be the one that I will have to work hardest to achieve!

I really liked yesterday's New Habit - new one in, old one out. I have a lot off too big jeans (thank you Michelle Bridges!) and went shopping on Saturday to re-stock my wardrobe (thank you husband!). How much better do I feel! Hooray!!

Then the "5 minutes only" task, collect rubbish out of your car. Easy! That's because I have this fantastic rubbish bag in my car, I call it the 'Stash your trash bag' which I saw at a market a couple of years ago and decided to make myself. And so this brings me to a tutorial I have been working on for some time. This has kicked me into action to get it finished. I will post it soon, but here is a sneak peak for you.

I know, same fabric as Anya's "party dress" from my Party Pants and Pop Frocks post, but this Stash your trash bag now lives with my sister, Lauren, so the won't get together.  Plus it's a bit small for her now, so time for a newie.

Perhaps I will even conquer the fear of posting the first tutorial this very week!

con·quer [kong-ker] 

verb (used with object)
1. to acquire by force of arms; win in war: to conquer a foreign land.
2. to overcome by force; subdue: to conquer an enemy.
3.  to gain, win, or obtain by effort, personal appeal, etc.: conquer the hearts of his audience.
4. to gain a victory over; surmount; master; overcome: to conquer disease and poverty; to conquer one's fear
And for more definitions that I can not bring myself to type, you could visit here but only if you want to be shocked. I was. So perhaps... don't look. 


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