My nephew came over, a few weeks ago now, for a 'lego party' and we made up all the lego people, complete with their correct heads, hats, hair, helmets, diving fins, masks, guns, shields, swords, lifejackets and knapsacks. All as they were supposed to be for all of the sets and 'lego map books' we had. My word, there were a lot of bits to sort through. I was surprised how many complete people we did actually have. We were given probably half of the lego we have from one of my aunts, who must have made her children pack away their lego properly as there really isn't much missing from the sets.

I sent home a so so so SO excited six year old an hour or so later, with a few of the odd bits and double ups, all made up into eight people (actually seven people and a skeleton), for his own collection. To keep. For good.

This wizard is my favourite.  I wish I had a magic wand. It could help with my cleaning.

There were quite a few knights with shields, bow and arrows, swords, only 2 guns that the boys decided they'd could share.  How amicable. It was really lovely watching them negotiate with each other. Keegan was quite generous 'giving his lego people away' though on building his toy shop a few days later, realised that the gun he had left, was not the exact gun in the 'lego map' he was using. Oh, dear! I had to remind him that he'd given one away and he couldn't ask for it back. He was kind of OK with that.

While we're still on Lego, I saw a tutorial for clear toy bags by Make It Love It and thought they'd be very handy for lego people. I went out in search of it again and found some clever person had already collated a number of toy bag tutorials on their blog already, so if you want some other ideas, check out Sew fearless' toy storage bag tutorial roundup.  I followed the instructions for the dimensions for the bag but found the length of the plastic that gets stitched to the circumference of the circle to be consistently bigger, so there must be some formula that I need to revise that isn't taken into account with the calculations given by Make it Love it. Something to do with seam allowances. Trial and error worked fine with these ones though.

These particular ones I made for a friend who turned 5 recently. The toggles were a bit tricky to thread through. I couldn't find any at Spotlight at 4pm on Saturday afternoon (for a 5pm party), so ended up using some that had come with the stretchy elastic for running shoes. Knew we kept them for something. One came off an old jumper.  Re-purposing at it's best.

I snapped these photos quickly before we left the house for the party. I have a couple more to sew up for Keegan to put some on his lego & people into. They're in the 'to sew' pile. It's getting bigger.


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