Personalised placemats for MY table

Finally. I have made personalised placemats for my two older kiddos. Little Anya might just have to wait a bit longer, though I do have her fabric cut out. These have been a long time coming - like a couple of years! I made the first ones for 2nd birthday presents for our Mother's group friends.  There have been a few improvements over the years and I'm quite happy with how these have turned out.

So, the excitement for these boys was...oh...palpable! "Are they ready? Really." Gosh, they almost didn't believe me!

Cute robots, huh?!

Nathan came with me to a fabric store, Patchwork at Homespun, in Willagee, where we went to look for butterfly fabric for my niece Amelia's placemat (her Christmas present). We did not find the butterflies I had in mind, but Nathan did find fabric for the back of both his and Nathan's placemats. His favourite colour would have to be red (red on the front, red on the back), and he was quite adamant that Keegan have the blue with yellow spots. I'm standing there saying, that won't match, it's too busy. Then when I pair them up, they are actually, um, quite a perfect match!

 Like them? I can take custom orders @ $35 each, though will only be able to churn out a limited number between now and Christmas 2012. The placemats are rectangular, approximately 51x38cm or 20x15 inches in size and have a plastic layer on the front so you can simply wipe them clean. They can be machine washed, but might shrink a bit in a hot wash.  Please email me for more information or to see fabric options.


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