Creating My Sewing Room: Part 1

I wanted to call this post The Return of the Wanna-be Organised Housewife, but she hasn't returned.
The dream to be organised and tidy shall remain as such. A dream. I will settle for tidyish and 'wanna-be organised'. I did manage to clean the stove top and keep it clean for most of the week.

A small hiccup last Monday has saved me from returning to my unfinished TOH jobs from the 20 day challenge I started, back in September. I scheduled these jobs on my calendar to begin last week. Monday was D-day. Monday was also emergency carpet cleaning day after an eventful post-breakfast spew. I dont think I will be able to look at Coco Pops in the same delightful-childhood-memory way again.

Emergency carpet cleaning has led to 'let's paint the spare room while it's empty', which in turn leads me to think 'lets make this a sewing room not a spare room' .  My husband is thinking, 'let's put the study in there too'. I'm not so sure it'll all fit, but we'll give it a go.

The plan was to use the furniture we have, rather than buying more, but the Ikea Expedit 25 cube storage unit we have is too big to move into the room without dismantling it!! Ideally, I'd like white furniture, so rignt now I'm looking out for a super second hand deal on Gumtree.  I love this study desk setup by IHeart Organizing, using two Expedit 5 cube single rows with a desk fixed between them. I'm wondering if we can re-model ours to something similar, though I can't see me enjoying painting it.

We have this fantastic storage unit in the nursery. It was used for craft storage unit prior to babies, so perhaps it will be re-converted and a new chest of drawers found for Anya's room. The boys need new drawers as they've been sharing one and it's getting a bit small for their big boy  clothes, so a little swapsies may be in order.

On from emergency-carpet-cleaning...leading to room changing...leading to ... my devoted, do anything, darling of a man husband (is that too much sucking up?) sanding suede effects paint off the wall, removing wallpaper borders (another potential oh-crap moment but thankfully Google comes up with the goods), patching and painting walls in my sewing room.  Hopefully the painting will be finished this week, so I can move back on the weekend, then tidy up the rest of the house!

The boys sat very nicely, waiting patiently and watching Daddy do the cutting in.

Then finally, they were allowed to have a turn. Dad wasn't planning on this, but he had promised Keegan the day before that he could help painting and he dressed himself super early (I did wonder why this happened so easily) in his 'painting shirt'. So, Dad kept his word!

Our front lounge is looking a little like a disaster zone, though the boys are enjoying using the double mattress on the floor as a trampoline and mat for 'head flips'. I hear myself saying ... "If you hurt yourself, dont come crying to me"...over and over... and over.

I thought I'd use this no-sew time, to finally take my sewing machine in for it's annual service at Bestways. The last one was actually in 2009, so it's well overdue. I'm looking forward to getting it back and into it's new room where I can get stuck into my Christmas sewing. I should be utilising this week to do all of the 'non-sewing' bits for my current placemat orders.

So, where do Mum and Dad sleep when they visit? Mattress in the front lounge with two bouncing boys? Anyone know of any any great sofa there such a thing?!


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