Sewing Parade...Day 2

See-It Sacks...
These fantastic clear drawstring sacks can store Lego, Blocks, hair ties and even toiletries. Yes, they are similar to the ones made by Ashley at Make It-Love It. We have a super-huge one with all the Duplo blocks in it, which gets shoved under the bed. After making the really big one, Husband thought it was a good idea, but too hard to hold open to throw the toys back into. Especially when there is a huge amount of lego on the floor! After sitting on this for a while, along came an epiphany... Stiffen the top fabric with that stiff woven interfacing. Magical stuff!! 

And don't you just love the cord pulls in exactly the right colours??  That was a bit of a fluke really. I ordered them from this ebay store, months ago and got a random selection of colours and clear cord locks. Far cheaper to buy from China at 12 toggles for $5, than 2 white toggles in Spotlight for $8, which probably came from China anyway!!

Top stays open nicely...Well done me :)

Amelia received a My-Name Placemat for Christmas from us. I have adde a little cup circle, since my two boys are forever putting their drinks near their elbows and knocking them over. I wish I'd thought to do this earlier!!  The butterfly fabric was a perfect choice, chosen by Amelia herself after I'd been on a bit of a search for 'butterflies'. You'd think they would be everywhere, but I just couldn't seem to find the right one for a while.

Mitchell has been waiting patiently for his placemat for a while, Mateo turned two a couple of days ago (Happy Birthday little guy) those two don't have the plastic on them yet, so they're not shiny!!

And a picture of Caitlin's placemat that she received for her third birthday, about six months ago. Along with a super cute hooded cape. I do have beautiful photos her talented Mum took in the park of her wearing it...I just can't find them...grrrr!!!  When I do, I will be sure to update here.

I love this cape! I think the hood needed to be a bit deeper, so the next one I make (for the markets) will be a bit of a better 'hood' fit.


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