Sewing Parade...Day 4

Yes, I still have December-ish sewing to show so the Sewing Parade continues!

A peg apron...something Husband says is the best thing I've ever made! This one is not mine, but a was a custom order for a Christmas gift.The brief was 'any colour, something bright'. I think that covers it!!  The 'skirt' part is made from an old skirt (thankyou op shop, it was actually pretty new so I got a bargain), shortened and then bias tape (want make some? it's easy!) added for a neat edge and some super long ties to wrap around your belly. I like them extra long so I can tie it at the front. But if you have a big belly, then the long ties will let you tie them at the back with plenty of room!! 

I'm digging back through archives. Well not quite, but this is from a little while ago...October...I was excited to get the pattern in the mail and get sewing! It is the Sprout Dress from a Make it Perfect in a size 5 and added a little bit of length too, for the 5 year old sister to the tiny bubby boy from yesterday's post. I think I should have made her a 4, but at least she might wear it through winter and spring and maybe a bit longer! The Make it Perfect patterns are said to be a bit on the smaller side, so I was playing it safe! I took photos on my phone before it was gifted, so apologies for the poor quality.

I bought the Poppy Tunic pattern for myself at the same time, along with this gorgeous fabric from Kelani Fabric. My list of 'to make' is getting longer and longer. Perhaps I should actually write it down and cross it off as I go!


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