The Lorax...Organic Cotton Fabric For My Stash

Don't ya just love getting parcels in the mail?!!  Especially a little bit of fabric mail. Makes me smile... awesome is this fabric?!! 

It is organic cotton 'The Lorax' by Robert Kaufmann. Yes, ordered on Etsy from the US, from Sunnyside Fabrics (no, I don't get anything for mentioning them!) for so much cheaper than you can get it here. I'm not even sure that you can buy it in Australia. So there
I've been on the hunt for organic cotton to make little baby toys and cuddlies. I have made taggie owls but wanted to go for something different. I'm thinking kookaburra? Is that still too owlish? Or maybe a platypus. Everything I sketch looks a bit too duckish.

Anywho, back to the Lorax fabric. I have a little friend who loves (actually I think it's his Mum who really loves it, but none the less...) The Lorax, so I thought I'd source some of this fabric while I'm on my organic hunt, to make him his very own placemat for his birthday. I'd better get cracking! I have a couple of days.

I think this one is my favourite...

Or maybe this one...

But I do like this one too...

And aren't these bunny tails (or thing heads??) truffula tops a bit cute...


I also ordered a panel...for...I'll think of something...


  1. they're truffula tree tops!! And yes, I do love the Lorax, and Flynn-ie also LOVES his placemat - thanx wonderful friend!

  2. oh, thanks Kate!! I knew that you would know!!


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