A Fantabulous Cotton Reel Rack

 I've been absent on the blog for a few weeks. I haven't been away. You'll be pleased to note I have been sewing various things... A pram liner for Olivia in her Mountain Buggy Swift. This was her Christmas present. A little belated but at least she has it now. Easy once I had the pattern right. So if you need one, I'm happy to make one for you!

 Nathan's very own 'seeing-in' bag, please with his new acquisition straight after his nap.

 Don't look too closely, I was trying something different and ended up sewing the top fabric on the wrong way round so had to unpick it. Now there are needle holes which I didn't care to stitch closely over!

Finally, more placemats...
Baxter in the Lorax, organic cotton range.

Anya got some cute navy blue with birdies that I picked up at the Craft and Quilt Expo a couple of years ago. Saving it for something special...

I did have my sister-in-law suggest leaving the plastic off the top, so you just chuck is straight in the wash between uses. I'm interested to know you think? I also wondered if something anti-slip on the back would be useful?

Now, this is the most exciting thing I've done in the sewing room in the past week. Don't you think it's glorious?! I love it. My fantabulous cotton reel rack is now mounted on the wall, with Command Velcro hook thingos, near my sewing machine. I was considering making one myself, but saw them in Spotlight for $11! Why not just buy it?!!  Today I bought floating shelves from Masters. Perhaps they'll be put up this weekend.

Now that I'm getting myself organised in the sewing room, I'm also getting myself organised to set up an Etsy store. I'll keep you posted.


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