Capes For My SuperKids

I found this red satin in my sewing stash, while hunting for greens for Nathan's Peter Pan outfit. I thought...'cape'!! With my lovely Aunty Annemarie's overlocker (which I've been lucky enough to borrow), I neatened the edges, turned the hem over, made a casing along the top which I threaded with a bit of elastic, looped it over at each end and voila, cape. A couple of buttons sewn on the boys' singlets and we have two capes!

Nathan was more interested in the singlet than the cape, so Anya tried his out, attached with a pipe cleaner around her neck. She might need a shirt with buttons too. Funnily enough, I saw a little boy at school today with a superman cape. It looked like an old t-shirt, with button holes sewn into it and buttons stitched onto his shirt. I love re-purposing!   

 The kids ran around outside, each with a few acrobatic acts to show...

Love the glasses?? They are actually Nathan's favourite birthday gift, from his Aunty Lauren and Uncle Tim. He doesn't go ANYWHERE without them!! 

Finishing up with some 'say cheese' photos.



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