Perth Upmarket March 2013

My first public appearance at the Perth Upmarket was a great opportunity for me, I had fun, it was successful and all that I hoped for.  I learnt a few things about running a market stall and am sure it is only going to get better from here!  I was nestled between The Little Green Project and Kangaroo Kookies, who make dog and cat treats. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly my fussy cat doesn't like the kookies I bought home for her. Fortunately I have a 16month old who is partial to the odd cat biscuit!  The Little Green Project make terrariums with lego men or dinosaurs or toadstool scenes inside them. Very cool.  I want one!

Here is The Toffee Tree, all set up ready for trading.

This cape stopped many market-goers....and the skirt I made to go with it as an afterthought was the second item I sold of the day! Perhaps I should have made another!!

 A lady from stopped for a chat about a new exclusive online store that is being created, stocking distinctinve and unique children's products. These personalised placemats caught her eye and thus I've been invited to apply as a retailer. Neat, huh!? And what a great idea for an online store.

The Toffee Tree Etsy store is open and I've listed almost all of the items I have in stock, plus a few spots for custom orders. I have a few orders to fill this week, so back to the sewing room for me. I spent last week cleaning, vacuuming threads from carpet (urgh) and generally tidying up the whole house from it's fortnight of neglect!

The Toffee Tree is finally into a world that doesn't consist wholly of family and friends!


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