Robots and Butterflies for 3 year olds and Peter Pan

Happy Birthday!

Nathan turned 3 on Saturday and kindly shared his birthday with his cousin Amelia. Actually, I don't think the kids were given much any choice about it, but is works well for the family to have one 'event'. Amelia had a beautiful butterfly cake amid a robot world.

And ain't this the coolest robot cake you've ever seen!! When Kate asked Nathan what colour the robot should be, he surprised me by saying green, not red, since red is his absolute favourite colour. But he did say red buttons on the tummy and blue something or others. So here is his green robot with red buttons on the tummy and a bit of blue thrown in too.

Nathan was quite chuffed that his robot had teeth. Oh, to be so easily pleased.

Our robot games consisted of smash the robot pinata and a robot arm lucky dip, using one of those cheapo snapper - grab-it mechanical picker upper toys. All of the kids had a turn and loved it!

I know that's probably a bit hard to see, but you get the idea!

This is Nathan in his Peter Pan costume which I made for him, for his birthday. Amelia received a Tinkerbell dress, which I'm hoping she will let me take photos of her in to show you. It's pretty awesome!  For a tutorial on making your own costumes visit Make It & Love It.

Bit blurry but he looks every bit as excited as I was about being Peter Pan!

Robot Cake made by the very talented Kate at Groovytater Catering.
Butterfly Cake made in the kitchen of Amelia's exceptional Mum.

Hunters here:
Yes, Peter Pan will never stop believing!

"In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf"

👑 O


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