I'm a winner, I'm a winner!!!

[insert happy dance here]

Thanks to all of my family and friends for responding to my request to have a look at the really cool handmade things in the Make It Perfect Show Your Stuff Competition and vote for your favourite, even if it wasn't mine!  Obviously, a lot of you thought mine was the best, so THANKS because I was one of the winners!

If you didn't get my request or didn't get around to having a look at what I had made, here is the gorgeous Frothy Skirt.

This super cute skirt is a size 1, and is available in my Etsy store for sale, so if you want to make it yours, buy it there or just send me an email! I did submit other entries for other clothes I'd made, some of which are also in my Etsy store.

Toni from Make it Perfect makes fantastic patterns for women and kids. Her patterns are easy to read, easy to sew and you always end up with something that looks great.

And what did I win? A signed copy of her book, plus a copy of all patterns released in 2013. How cool is that!

Thanks again everyone who voted, for making me do a happy dance today.


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