Kids Clothes Week Recap

I have to admit, I didn't exactly 'sew strictly for the kids'  for an hour per day for the week.  I snuck in a dress for myself. I had to. I had a wedding to go to and simply nothing to wear. So that kinda chewed into my sewing hours. Oh well.

When I was putting together these images, I realise that I probably did manage to churn out 7 hours of sewing for kids in the week, plus the following Monday. Does that count? Absolutely, I say!

So I will present to you each hour's work. I know you've seen the first of these pics before. They still make part of this story so I'll show you them again!

Hour 1: Ottobre Sortilege leggings, plus a half hour for sewing on buttons after we'd been button shopping. No, it probably didn't take me that long. A little artistic licence just helps the story. See you're not noticing that the stripes don't all, exactly line up, you're admiring how well the buttons match the fabric.

Hour 2: Button shopping! Technically I'm counting this as contributing towards sewing for kids. These are Keegan's buttons, for his shirt which is still in planning. We shopped for grey drill for Nathan's pants, too.

Hour 3: Cutting. Pockets, bias tape.Yep a whole hour. Probably longer as I was trying to squeeze in several, double sided pockets and flaps for TWO pairs of pants and bias tape, and a waistband...out of a bit less than a half metre. I did it! OK, OK, almost did it, though I'm sure Nathan's going to love the inside of his pockets.

Hour 4:. Sewing pockets. Welt pockets. I love these! Pockets sewn in, Pockets sewn on, Cargo pockets, Pocket Flaps. You name it, I probably sewed it. (grammatically...I have probably sewn it...that sounds a bit posh)

Hour 5: More pockets on pants for my nephew Lucas. I think these were finally finished up in hour 129, the following Friday!

Hour 6: Ironing = making bias tape, then stitching it onto leg seams. Not overly tricky and what an awesome idea to hide the seams so you can roll your pants up. Love. (Actually, I forgot to take a photo of this, so will update it soon)

Hour 7: More cutting. Probably should have been the waistband for these uber cool pants. Unfortunately, the waistband is still sitting on my work table. Next to the pants.

Hours 8-143: spent on... other things that I managed to squeeze in during the week...a blue dress for me, some 'other' pockets - which I will save for another time. Most pleasingly, I wore the blue dress twice in one week - once to a wedding and once to Cirque du Soleil. Such a treat to go out with my husband, without the kids, twice in a week. Did I mention that was twice in one week. Looking forward to having you back Mum and Dad ;)

P.S. Thanks to my friend Wendy for this ridiculous photo, though I thought you might like to see the blue dress in action! The dress had spent the past 5 1/2 years cut out, still pinned to the pattern, in the 'to be finished' box. So never give up on those projects you put aside for another day. You might just need it.

My 'to be finished' box is pretty big. I have two.

P.P.S. If the blog header looks a bit weird to you, let me know with a comment below. It looks odd to me too, but not for everyone... I was hoping to share my new logo with you all, so go look at The Toffee Tree on your mobile phone or iPad instead.


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