Nathan's Pants.

Grey he wanted, grey he got. I spent AGES trying to get the pieces cut from the small bit of hot air baloon fabric I had left, but I did it! The coolest thing about these pants, it that you can roll them up and the seam on the inside stays hidden! I completely forgot to take a close up picture of this when I took photos, but if you look closely, you can see it on one of the shots below, where they are rolled up.

The looked kinda small. Very slim fitting. The pattern is Coastal Cargos by Blank Slate Patterns.  Luckily we had no dramas putting them on. They fit perfectly.

I'm pretty sure he's singing loudly here (he has no other volume) because he is so happy with his new pants.

Getting excited about all those pockets...

These are some other favourite bits  - welt pockets. I was pretty please with how well these turned out. Adding my new labels. I should have put it on somewhere else, because now it's on the back. Not to worry. And the zip fly. I did debate not putting this in, for a 3yo, but he thinks it's cool. So do I!

And he had fun riding what is supposed to be a plant holder bike.

Now, I did consider making some of these to sell at the June Perth Upmarket, but since they are a little time-consuming to make, it wasn't going to be exactly viable to make them unless someone definately wanted them.  I'll happily take custom orders.


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