A Warm Dress for Little Sprouts

Something warm to go on the rack at the Perth Upmarket next Sunday... Little Sprout dresses (pattern from  Make it Perfect). A cotton outer, lined with flannelette make these dresses snuggly and warm and perfect for playing outside in the cold. Or waiting for your big brother to finish football training.

This would have to be my favourite item. Grey with little yellow leaves. I wish I'd made it in Anya's size so she could keep it, but alas some other lucky little girl will get it. It is a size 0, though I'd say best for 6-9 months old. 

A size 2 Green Little Sprout Dress. I have found the sizing on these patterns to run on the smaller size, this dress is a good fit on a regular sized 19month old, with a bit of room to grow into. So perhaps it is right in saying it is a size 2. It would probably be a bit small on a 2 1/2 year old though.

This one is lined with a pale blue flannelette, with sweet little birds.

Both of these dresses have warm flannelette pockets.

I know I said yesterday I'd be back with boys clothes, but I'm still finishing them off and am yet to take some photos, so check back over the weekend.

Any special requests for items in a particular size? Please let me know!


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