First time offers at Perth Upmarket...

Available for the first time at UWA on Sunday...

Organic cotton romper (size 0 or 9-12 months), made from beautifully soft 100% organic cotton fabric and organic cotton lace trim. With some cute little wooden flower buttons. I love these buttons, you might have noticed them popping up elsewhere!

Organic cotton cuddlies for babies (a.k.a. taggies, tag blankets)...yes even the ribbons are organic cotton, from Near Sea Naturals.

One has a maple teething ring (sealed with organic beeswax and olive oil) and there is one plain one.

And oh, I love (LOVE) this little sweet organic cotton sugar glider (some may say rat but you can use your imagination!), he has a few organic cotton ribbons and teething ring on his tail. Do you think I should name him? Or maybe it's a her...what do you think. Leave a comment below, even if it's easier to be anonymous that's completely ok!!

I will list these on Etsy after the Upmarket, if they aren't already snapped up for being so adorable.


  1. Love the blue romper outfit!

    Yes, name the sugar glider. What about Peta as a nod to it's scientific name? Or Possum the sugar glider for similar reasons.


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