Kids Clothes Week is here again!

KCW is back for it's first ever Summer Kids Clothes Week.  Unfortunately, it is so far from summer here I can't even begin to think about summer clothes for the kids just yet. And um, I'm actually not sure if there are 'rules' so to speak, saying 'thou must sew summer wear'. I'm not anyways. 

I should mention here, that I only realised that KCW was upon me on Saturday night. Which gave me about 10 minutes preparation time (whilst packing for our week away on the farm). On Sunday morning we jumped in the car for the nine hour drive from Perth to my parent's house, past Esperance. It only takes 9 hours if you stop for 45min play breaks. Twice. Otherwise, my champion children were impeccably well behaved for their Mummy on the drive.

I threw in a bag - my fabrics, patterns which I had traced off weeks ago and scissors. I stopped short of taking my sewing machine. My Mum has a trusty old Husqvarna. No overlocker. Decided I'd be OK without that. This KCW, seams will be finished the good ol' way. Zig zag.

So. Sew. This week will see a couple of hoodies for the small boys. They have chosen (with only the slightest amount of persuasion) their fabrics. I have cut and tomorrow shall sew. Actually, the one for Keegan is a lightweight cotton denim, pretty thin, so I'm thinking of lining it with flannel fabric. I might have to go to town...

While I was cutting, Keegan snipped ever so carefully (OK, I did do the first couple for him, but he is really clever) and made this really cool fabric collage. Party boy, friends, tree, fireworks, the sun. Like I said, clever huh?! I especially like the TV in the tree. And the belts. Perhaps the gluing bit might happen tomorrow. If your kids (and you) are bored over the school holidays, or just want to keep kids busy while you're sewing, give this a go. I'd say 5 and up. There is no way I'd let my 3yo loose with a pair of scissors!

And since we're enjoying the sunshine at the farm today, this is what else we got up to...


There was also an amount of puddle jumping earlier. No-one came home with dry feet, despite the gumboots.

The winter view into Mum's backyard -  vegies, lemons and lots of greenery.


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