Undies...knickers...jocks..for the kidlets

Crazy, some might think, to toilet train a 20 month old. I've done it before. I'm an expert now. Right. (nod). Forever taking her nappy off, happy to sit on the toilet for wees, so off the nappy stays I say. Next comes the need for undies...knickers...nic nics. We all know (if you have ever had a 2 yo) that the smallest jocks (with 2 boys I'm forever calling knickers 'jocks', only to be corrected by the boys), I was saying...the smallest jocks you buy are too big for the smallest bottoms.

I saw a pattern AGES ago for kids undies. Somewhere. So I searched Etsy and yay, I found it! That Darn Kat makes this pattern for sizes 2,4,6,8. Is the size 2 going to be small enough for this wee bot? (No pun intended!) I figured that I would use the other sizes too at some stage. Plus, I know another little girl with undie dilemma's right now, so these might be her perfect fit?

And guess what?!  The size 2 are a perfect fit for this mini bum. Actually, it's probably not that mini for her age, just size 2-3 undies fall down around her ankles. With her pants. 

I'm wondering if the leg fabric is a bit tight. I might try some more with looser legs. She has chunky thighs like someone else I know.

I found the fabric in Spotlight of all places! There is rarely any nice cotton knit fabric. Nathan chose some spots and clouds for his jocks. Time will tell how well this stuff lasts. Hopefully 12 months!

I also snipped up a few old t-shirts and bodysuits of hers. I wasn't quite ready to part with them, or chop them up for the rag box. But re-purpose. No problem! There is one pair here, which is on it's second repurpose. My shirt plus her onesie-come her dress-come her undies. How neat.

That is the pile of undies I have got left to sew up. A few size 4 and one 6 thrown in there to see if it helps rid Miss A of her wedgies.

That Darn Kat  childrens undies sewing pattern
Cotton lycra for waist and leg bindings from Spotlight
Cotton jersey knit from Spotlight
Repurposed t-shirts and bodysuits


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