Boys Only Showcase...handmade stuff just for the little guys

This is, my contribution to an exciting Boys Only Showcase. It's like a market week. On Facebook. First to comment 'sold' wins.

Starting this coming Monday (26th August), check out the Audrey Elizabeth Facebook page to find the Boys Only Showcase for some very cool, funky boys stuff. It's not all clothes, there are handmade blankets, bibs, bunting, toys, room decorations, amongst stacks of other things. And it is all just for the boys.

A super cool back pack! Jeepers, I think I want one myself. There are plenty of things for budding superheros... superhero blocks . I know some superkids who would love superhero blocks, to go with their superhero memory game (from Mollydag Made.) 

1. "Billy" Backpack in Avengers fabric by Sew Adorable Australia.  
2. Superhero Blocks by Babee Blocks.  
3. Super Tom T-shirt by Two Little Monkeys.  
4. Superhero in Training print by Leegirl Pretties.

Of course, you could probably buy something for a daughter, though everything has a hint of boy to it. Like these awesome super cool retro racer shorts and T set. I would totally put my daughter in that.

5. Retro Racers by Funky Little Monkey
6. Lego Crayons from Made by Kate.  
7. Nautical Bunting & Curtain set by  Whirly Gig Kids.  
8. Tooth Tree Manor by HeartFelt Hollows.

Plus there, whales, mustaches, vintage prints, vikings, lions, stars, dinosaurs, pirates, Pinocchio, airplanes even a pony! Seriously, there is just about everything you could think of, confirming why this is a seriously fabulous idea to showcase it all together! Am I getting a tad excited? Perhaps I am!

Check out the album on Facebook to see the rest of the handmade awesomeness.


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