Bubble Shorts by E & E Patterns

After eyeing off several bubble shorts patterns for a little while, I recently made the $9 splurge and purchased the Elegance and Elephant's Bubble Pocket Shorts pattern. I'm a little in love with PDF patterns right now. Not so in love with printing them off, taping them together, tracing out each size, etc etc. But I love how easy they are to buy. Click to purchase and now you have it in your email inbox. Can't complain about that for service!

Back to the E& E Bubble Pocket shorts. I was a little shocked that there were 8 pieces of shorts, plus the pockets, plus the cuffs. Four pieces for each shorts leg. What the?!! It does work though, since that's where the pockets are sewn in to the shorts. Not on top of. Neat. I like it. I can deal with the 8 now.

Someone just figured out how to jump! And she's not picking her nose there, she's signing 'again'!

I came across this fabulous linen fabric at a wholesale fabric store in North Perth. Potter's Textiles is a great place to shop for good priced fabric. Not a massive range, but what they do have is good quality. And I made this fabulous linen into these fabulous shorts. I've made a few pairs to sell at the next Perth Upmarket if they'll take me!!  I also have a stack of dark blue-stonewash linen to turn into shorts for myself and maybe a few more bubble pocket shorts.

Not only have I made girls shorts, I've made Barbie shorts. Technically, I think I have to sell them as 11 1/2 inch doll shorts. I don't think I've quite nailed these yet, they are more balloon pants than bubble pants on poor Barbie, but you get the general idea.

Guess what who I found last week? Ken! In a box of old toys, previously loved by Mr T. Tree. He (Ken) might be getting some new strides for Christmas too.


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