Flip this Pattern...September

Sometimes I scour the internet reading all sorts of things, clicking between blogs and come across all sorts of cool stuff. Like a Flip this Pattern sew along. Turns out the Alphabet Collection from Pattern Anthology is the flip pattern for September and it is, guess what, in my pattern box. Must have been a sign. I just had to join this month's sew along.

For Miss Anya, I flipped her a Recess Raglan t-shirt.

I bought this jersey fabric from Spoonflower, some time ago. I  was saving if for someone having a baby girl (like my sister in law, but no). You'd think out of 4 or so concurrent pregnancies, there would be a a girl in there. So far, boys, boys, boys.

Never mind. Little girls do outgrow their clothes too. Enter supercool mermaid fabric and recess raglan mix. This little possum also loves pockets, so it was a no-brainer to add them to the front. I was going for a cowl neck look, which turned out errr, way too short. My inspiration for that came from here. She doesn't seem to mind. She says the sleeves are 'too big'. The cuff on the sleeves is twice as long, but I've folded them up. I was going for loose long sleeve look, but she didn't dig it.

She does however love her 'pocks'. She deposited a few rocks from the carpark at school this morning into them.

I had already traced off recess raglan pattern for each of the kids, so it was pretty easy to decide which pattern to use. Here I have made the size 2, which is a perfect fit for Anya. There are variations for elbow length sleeves and short sleeves, so I'm thinking I will get good use out of it this bunch of patterns. The W-pants are kinda cool and I'm really interested to see what other sewers do to the study hall jacket and the BBC vest too. The Alphabet Collection patterns are all unisex. Awesome because there is a plethora of girls patterns out there. Let's face it, we look at the lovely dresses and sigh and "oooh, I wouldn't mind making that myself". But I kinda don't do that with the boys stuff. Yeah, that's cool. And that's about it. But this collection definitely caught my eye.

And lets not forget the winner for the Toffee Tree giveaway. A big congratulations to Elke who's name was randomly drawn. I did say you didn't have to get the right answer to win! You should have received an email from me. Yes, Santa was up the top in an icecream van with a Christmas tree on the roof!


  1. I'm so glad you scoured the internet and found our little sew-along series!! It's been so much fun seeing everyone's creations month in and month out!

    I never would have thought to make the recess raglan have a cowl neck - great thinking. It looks cozy, even though it hasn't won someone over yet...good thing for pockets!!

    1. Thanks Frances Suzanne (or Emily and Ashley!) for visiting me too, from such an inspiring website!

  2. So cute! That fabric is adorable and I loved how you flipped it!

  3. I love your mermaid fabric. I can't find any cute knit in my hometown. So, almost of my knit creations made of up-cycle tee. :(

    The cowl neck looks comfy and yet in style. Your girl is ready for fall!

    1. Well, she is set for spring here in Perth at least. It's still quite cool and rainy. Thanks for taking the time to stop by :)

  4. So cute! Love the fabrics you used and the kangaroo pocket! Great job!


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