Farm Days: Night Sprayer or Nitro Swathing

Nathan refers to it as the Night Sprayer, as dusk was turning into night when Uncle A took them (and me, how lucky was I?!) for a spin around the paddock in it. Highlight of the day!

Two boys waiting excitedly for the call to come and climb up.

And two thoroughly please boys at the end of the ride, one whom thought the dusk was on fire outside! (excuse the totally crap photo, it was a bit dark)

The Nitro is not something I grew up with on the farm. It's one of those grasshopper-ish things, elevated metres off the ground and has amazingly nifty arms which fold out for spraying metres and metres across a paddock.  It can have the swather (or swathing? terminology) comb off the harvester put on it and to swath the canola.

And swathing is...? Some of you may ask...I'm certainly no expert so here's Keegan's description: chops it off then feeds it along the choppers into the middle and makes a nice straight row in the middle. There are sure to be a bazillion YouTube videos like these here , here and here. (P.S. One of these is a locally made video)

Someone also got a little loud play in the big truck earlier in the day. The boys especially have have had such fun mucking about around in puddles, watching what happens in the shed, being a constant source of chatter (such that the radio becomes redundant) and general pests to their uncles, whom they adore to pieces!


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