Travelling with a toilet training two year old

That's a good tongue twister hey!

We take the occasional long drive to Esperance.  I have mentioned how far this is and how we keep entertained here.
But how do we manage wee wees with a not quite 2 year old who is in toilet training mode?  The best way is just to use a nappy. I'm not always inclined to follow the 'best way', but like to do things 'my way'. 

I made two waterproof car seat protectors for our toilet training 2yo's car seat. It was actually pretty easy. I used a bit of paper and a black marker to trace a rough pattern of the car seat base. The back extends up the back of the seat a wee bit.

In case you want a TUTORIAL to make your own WATERPROOF CAR SEAT PROTECTOR, here is a roughie.

From above you can see I cut out:
1. A flannel top
2. A microfleece bottom ("waterproof" layer - I use waterproof here loosely, the fleece is water repellant) or you can use PUL
3. A towelling inner layer, to which I sewed an old (but not so used) microfibre nappy insert. The other one had an extra layer of towelling instead, for something different.

Then I stitched them together, in the order you see them layed out above, leaving a 10cm gap along the straight back edge, so you can turn them right way out. When you turn them right way out, make sure the flannel is on the top and the microfleece/PUL on the bottom.  The towelling should be sandwiched between.

Fold the opening edges in to line up the outer seam. Topstitch around the edge of the whole seat protector, closing off the opening in the back edge.

 The top flannel side...this is the side that gets sat on

The bottom 'waterproof' side...

We did actually have 2 nappies (the rest were packed under the gumboots, clothes, bike seats etc etc.)  So after 2 nappies were used up with poo events, we went nappy-less. I was confident. To start with.
 Then my confidence kicked my butt. Totally. We had poo. Smelly icky poo. (I hope you're not eating right now). It leaked through the seat protector (the blue one), into the seat.

Unfortunately this didn't stop poo poos soaking into a car seat, resulting in a cranky Daddy and regretful Mummy later washing the car seat.  

These car seat protectors have been in use for over a month now, and that is the only incident which has scarred our memories (or our noses). They have both otherwise done a top job of mopping up little wees.  I have to admit to having a little more confidence with the PUL backed one (the brown flowery one).  


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