A Little Bit of Awesome...Snip Snip With My New Snips

These AWESOME Gingher scissors were my Christmas present from my lovely husband...he must be OK with this crafting stuff, if he's buying me crafty Christmas presents! After reading about how fab they were, I dunno, somewhere on another crafty blog out there, I threw them on my request list and whaddya know...

They arrived in our mailbox!  And so what! who cares  if they arrived post-Christmas. Lets face it - I was camping and wasn't going to need them.

They are oh, so much better than my old scissors, which I'm sure have been used to cut a variety of 'prohibited' things over the years.  I did get a new pair of Fiskars spring loaded scissors last year but they just aren't strong enough for cutting thicker fabrics like corduroy or denim. Great for snipping into curves though and still perfect for light weight cottons and voiles.

And aren't these ones just a bit cutesy. Awesome cutesy.

More about what I'm sewing here tomorrow.


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