Blooming Geraniums

Gifted at Christmas to my daughter and nieces, I love the Geranium Dress. I don't love geraniums and wish Rae had called them something a bit nicer, but still this style is fab for little girls. I snapped these dresses in the minutes before they were wrapped, so the pics aren't the greatest, but you get the idea.

I came across this Raindrops fabric by Erin McMorris in my 'pink quest', and while it probably didn't meet those requirements I bought it anyway, thinking it would look awesome as a Geranium Dress. I decided not long after looking at it in real life it was going to have a home in my home!

The pattern includes a few variations to the neckline, sleeve and skirt, but this is by far my favourite combo. The bigger two dresses (size 2T) have pockets, which I was going to omit, but given my 2yo is a rock collector, I decided to keep them. The sizing is pretty perfect with this pattern - the orange dress is a 12-18mo size, for a 15mo and the fit on her is great. The pattern now goes all the way up to a size 10! That's if you can talk your picky miss into wearing this over the full circle dress.

The piping was a bit of a first for me. I like it, but a little finer cording would have been better. I can't remember what I used (everything in those weeks before Christmas was a bit of a blur), so that won't even help me much for next time, though I do recall that the selection in Spotlight was very limited. These dresses have a three snap closure on the back, buttons would work equally well.

And some action shots of these dresses. Yup they are playing in the dirt, but we were going out for lunch.

Geranium Dress Pattern by Made by Rae
Summersault by Erin McMorris - Raindrops - Blue
Elephant Splash - Elephants
Elephant Splash - Drops
Weekends by Erin McMorris - Lollies - Red
Maybe 4mm cording from Spotlight


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