A Little Red Cape for a Lady

Not for a girl.
For a lady. And adult lady. About 27 years old.
For my cousin Heidi, in particular. She's ultra co
ol. She doesn't need a cape to look ultra cool, but now she will look awesome ultra cool.

I drew her in the Christmas draw for gift giving on Christmas day (this turns out easier than buying 45 gifts).

Since my pre-Christmas sewing got a little busy with the passing of my Dad in late November and the general end of school and Christmas craziness, I made Heidi a minature version, a Barbie version actually of a Little Red Cape in the interim. I didn't actually have a pattern, so that bit was holding me back a little.  We were lucky enough to also draw her niece in the gift giving, so she also received a little Peepo full of Barbie clothes. Now they can play barbie dress ups together. Visit Craftiness is Not Optional for some ideas on sewing your own barbie clothes, or if craftiness isn't your thing but you'd love some unique barbie wear for a little miss you know, come visit me at the very prestigious Perth Upmarket on Sunday, March 9th, where I will be sure to have some hanging on the line.

Back to Heidi's cape.  The pattern. I ended up drafting my own. I downloaded a pattern by Fleece Fun, but it was really for fleece fabric and was quite huge. So essentially, I started again and managed to come up with this...excuse the photos, it really does look a tiny bit ginormous on a size 2 mannequin!! Should I post my pattern for adults here??

The hood is a bit big, and it doesnt really hang low at the back like that on an adult. I will update with an actual human inside this cape ASAP! 

Finally, one of my buttons, because these are slightly awesome. If you want to get your own made, check out Remember Wynn on Etsy.


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