Cutie Patooties ... more homemade undies

Whilst my kids don't know it's totally uncool, I'll keep making undies for them out of these fabulous fabrics (which I bought online from Crafty Mama's BTW...loads and loads of knit fabrics...). Maybe I might just have to make some for myself!


The Pattern

These first two are girls undies, made using That Darn Kat's pattern. One size 4, one size 2, since I wasn't sure whether the size 2 would still fit Miss-2. The original ones I made, here, are now too tight for her chubby little thighs!  Otherwise, the fit on these undies is great, full but coverage, no more wedgies. 

Changes to the pattern

I added a whole extra inch to the length of the leg binding strip, and fortunately (yippee) the little size 2's do fit her, coz they are ultra cute and it would be a shame to not see them running around our house! I really think that the quality of the fabric has a big part to do with the old ones not fitting - whilst they were a stretch knit, they aren't overly stretchy.  That and the chub thighs. I did make the original ones a whisker bigger around the leg too, but perhaps not enough. 


Then I made a boys size 4. Hopefully big enough for he-who-will-turn-4-in-a-fortnight.


I have more of these cut to sew, hem... when I made the first lot! Since I've deemed the fabrics crap quality, I might just scrap them and make some more viking jocks. 

I asked Mr-almost-4  if he'd like a t-shirt out of this viking fabric and he says 'nah, I just want red'. So he might not even wear these, but he's usually pretty excited about 'new' things so we'll see. Maybe he'd like this fabric better...a visit to Crafty Mamas Fabrics might be dangerous!

The Fabrics

ZNOK Fox and Owls jersey knit GOTS 95% bio-cotton, 5% lycra knit.
ZNOK " Summer" jersey knit GOTS 95% bio-cotton, 5% lycra knit.
Swafing " Gitta" Red/White
Swafing " GITTA" Orange/Denim blue 
White super stretchy jersey lycra knit from Spotlight
That Darn Kat Undies pattern

Show some love and leave me a comment today... what funky names do you call undies? Underpanticulus Maximus?


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