Gifts Ideas for 4 year old Boys

When it comes to giving gifts, my fall back is toys and books. Things that the kid will actually use.  Despite a recent cull, we have plenty of toys in our house and a birthday coming up. Nothing is jumping out at me. Nothing except the excited birthday-to-be-boy himself. And I really don't think he needs a(nother) remote control car, Daddy.
I have a stack of small gifts for him...
  • a book - The Very Brave Bear (loves books, we have the other 3)
  • a pair of Viking undies (such cute fabric)

  • maybe one of the Fedora Hat's I've been making (now that IS cool)
  • plus a new wallet in the making.
But no 'main' present. I'm not sure that I always received a big gift as a kid for my birthday. The best present I remember as a kid was a netball. I was so excited! Oh, and a cabbage patch doll (and that was Christmas).  There is no way I'm buying my 4 year old an iPad so don't even suggest it. Geez.

I've sewn up a few little 'big boys' cool AND useful things for some of our friends recently.


The blue cars wallet went to a 3 year old a few weeks ago.  It ended up a little too big, and I forgot to put the zip on the outside before I sewed it together, but there is still a spot inside for coins. And a tab for hanging it somewhere (really, will they even use that?!). Maybe twirling it on his finger. I was inspired by this wallet, to make this one.

Made by me...a wallet for Flynn

I'm a bit devo that I forgot to take a piccy of the next one I made, for his big brother. I loved it, especially that green zip. I'm pretty sure the big boy we gave it to, did too! I saw some on Noodlehead, but added a zip on the outside. My kids have more coins than notes. You should check this lady's blog out. She does some amazing things. 

Mister Chester ties (coming with me to Perth Upmarket on Sunday March 9)

I'm now making these in 3 sizes (0-2years, 2-4years and 5-8years), since little 5 year olds look a bit funny with a short little tie. The floral tie was chosed by Mr-almost-4 to model over the bikes! I think he has good taste.  


Fedora Hats

I'm hoping to have some more of these finished for Upmarket. The pattern is by Elegance and Elephants and I used wool suiting fabric, upcycling a suit jacket which had just enough material to squeeze the XL size out. 




These are a total winner for Mr-almost-4. He is so in love with his red rainbow belt. Mr 6 wants a Lego one, hopefully the ribbon arrives before Upmarket, so I can have a stack of these there too.

I like the sound of the 'giving experiences not toys' mantra. He really wants to go to the rubbish tip, since upon reaching 4 you are old enough, by law, to sit in a simple booster seat. The ute only takes booster seats, not car seats, so I'm good with a tip run for his birthday. I mean, Dad is good with a tip run.  

Also on his bucket list, is a trip to the Bell Tower. He wanted to go to the Eiffel Tower, but since that's too far, I suggested the Bell Tower in Perth. We will do that instead some time soon, since it's been there almost as long as I've lived in the city...and we've NEVER BEEN!


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