Sewing for Tiny Babies

 Tiny little babies mean you get to sew little things. I love little things because they are quick.

One of my best buds, Belinda, spent a few days with me last week and she 'whipped' up this awesome taggy / cuddly / snugglepot for our good friend Wendy's brand new little boy.  I say 'whipped' up, because Bel doesn't sew, so perhaps the timing was probably not actually fast, so to speak, but rather thrown together with this bit of ribbon and that, like one would eggs into a pavlova, with the result being a perfectly crunchy pav. Or in this case, a perfectly colour co-ordinated, cuddly taggy. Actually Belinda does sew, only is usually animals, so sewing machine and fabric is a bit of a different 'medium' for her. (She's a vet, in case you hadn't caught on).

We both made the Flopsie teether. I cut. Bel sewed, I topstitched. Bel threaded the maple teething ring.  Everyone else (the bazillion people who sell these on Etsy) calls these "bunny ears teethers". How unoriginal!  I'm not sure that I will list these online, but they will be available at the Perth Upmarket at UWA on March 9.

This Flopsie teether has chenille fabric on the back (which I bought online from Fabric 4 U 2 - an Australian store- in case you were wondering). The maple teething rings (which is fabulous hard wood sealed with beeswax, so it will wear well and wont splinter in you little bub's mouth, heaven forbid!!!)...sidetracked...the maple teething rings are from Alexa Organics, on Etsy.

This is another teething ring for another bub, a little bit older and probably at just the right age now for munching on everything. This one is backed with bamboo velour, left over from my nappy and cloth wipes making days. Hopefully he likes munching on his Flopsie teether.


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