To market market... to Perth Upmarket

A new stall layout and a simply awesome clothing display rack, designed by yours truly and kindly constructed by Mr Toffee Tree, meant it was by far the best stall setup I have had.  The "reminisce of a 50s childhood-ness" of it caused not just the Nannas to stop and buy from me. Thus a successful day is was the The Toffee Tree.

Weather was lovely, a cooler change from the mid-30s we have been having in Perth, perhaps enticed a few more than usual to purchase a Little Red Cape! I sold out!! These will be restocked in my Etsy store soon, and also on Littleville.

If the biggest problem of the day was selling out of capes, I was OK with that! That and the fact that I still hadn't worked out how to hang my sign up. Massive thanks to my bud Belinda for coming along with me to help (and stringing up the sign too!)

You might spy a few new things in there - belts for boys and girls,  flopsie bunny teethers, bubble pocket shorts and boys wallets. I got busy sewing for the boys this time round! Oooh, and barbie doll clothes. I made a few Little Red Cape and Skirt sets which proved popular and were snapped up early on.

Back to the new display rack. The timber was collected off the farm, from felled Blue Gums which were planted, back in the early 90s.I carefully selected straight (ish) poles with forks and things I could hang bits off. Mr Trusty was sent along with the chainsaw to chop them up (and also in his chainsawing glory, lop of my forks and sticky outy bits I had so carefully chosen) into lengths we could bring back to Perth.

The poles remained under the carport for some time (oh, like about 3 months), before I cracked the whip and got him back into building mode. After a short discussion and scribbles on paper and he had whipped this up for me in NO TIME! He is awesome!!

I forgot my good camera, and then didn't get time to take any closer up pictures with my phone anyway. As the day evolved, I sold most of the bonnets. I do however have a Strawbs Sunbonnet, which goes on sale in an online Facebook showcase TOMORROW - FRIDAY 14th MARCH! So if you were one of the many interested on Sunday, go check it out here. It opens at 7pm QLD time, which is 5pm WA time (AWST).


Also available are the Strawbs Bubble Pocket Shorts in a size 3-4.

I am able to take a limited number of custom orders for these items, should you miss out in the showcase.


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