Kids Clothes Week April 7th-14th

I'm going to attempt to do a post every day this week for Kids Clothes Week! Let's see how far I get.

Today's hour, whilst kidlets had quiet time (AKA slept or watched Little Red Tractor), was cutting a pair of RED shorts for Keegan. He asked me for these only a couple of  months ago, so I'm not doing too badly. I had the pattern (Coastal Cargos by Blank Slate Patterns) traced off in his size already, so that saved me an hour. OK, maybe a bit less than an hour but the whole printing, trimming, taping, tracing saga is a PITA sometimes. The cutting and bias tape making took me about an hour before I left for school pickup anyway. So that's it for today.
Back to The Shorts.

The Red and Orange Shorts, to be precise.


Never mind those spots in there. They will be on the inside. I didn't realise he wanted an orange stripe until AFTER I'd cut the pocket linings. Last we spoke of, it was plain red. Just red. What am I, a mindreader?

The lovely gals who organise Kids Clothes Week have adopted a theme this time around - Mini Me. I'm actually not sure I'll ever own another pair of red shorts (I did once upon a time), but maybe Anya will get something 'mini-me' out of this week instead. I have no grand pipe dreams this week. Just the shorts. Maybe another pair of shorts which is already cut out! Given that the weather is cooling down, I'm not sure shorts should be that high on the agenda, but it seems to be that these boys I know don't get too cold in the Autumn.

And if you haven't come across Kids Clothes Week, head over to their blog to check out other cool mummas sewing cool stuff for their kids, for 1hour every day, for a week.



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