Swoon Betty Bowler Bag {Pattern Review}

Hey! How are you?! Nice to see you back here... or is it me who's been away!?!  I haven't been completely lazy. My machine (the sewing one) was off for a service. Easter got thrown in there for good measure, plus a little Esperance farm holiday too. (Pics of that another time.) I have got something to show (share) for my efforts. 

What I do REALLY want to share is this bag. I was pretty darn impressed with myself. Hopefully, you will be too!

One look at this bag pattern and knew who I was making one for!

...Elizabeth... my bag-loving sister-in-law!

Do you do a Christmas gift draw in your family?- buy for just one person (works well when there are 16 adults and 8 kids to buy for on just one side).  I drew my sister in law, Elizabeth. She's a bag and shoe kinda-girl. Usual story, I just didn't get my butt into gear until recently to make one for her. Still, I figured I had enough time to make it by her birthday. I almost did. I was a week late. Is that excusable? Really, I should have known better than to expect Spotlight to carry 'hardware' for bag making.

Lucky we have Google, which took me to [insert big happy smiles here] a small local business, Sew Creative Supplies, who retail online and had just what I needed, plus the bonus of even being close by! Win win. (These lovely ladies will also be at the upcoming Craft and Quilt Fair in Perth starting May 21st).

Check out the little silver rectangle bag handle loops. Don'cha just think they finish it off perfectly!

Back to the bag. It really was pretty easy to sew up. A couple of hours for cutting fabric (honestly this is the hardest part), interfacing and ironing it together, then another three or so for sewing it together. I didn't keep track of time exactly, but I didn't have any "moments" (like wanting to throw the towel in) like I did with the Weekender Bag which I made last year. A few less layers perhaps, but still a generously sized bag with plenty of sturdiness and structure.

A neat little zipper pocket on the front. A couple of pockets inside.

All-in-all, a great pattern. Go get one for yourself here. Or buy the bag already made here (OK, they only ship to the US, so if you want one you could talk to me really nicely).  

[As always, all opinions expressed here are my own. I even bought the pattern myself because I thought it looked like a winner].

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  1. Hi. Your bag turned out great. I've been looking for a small travel bag to make and this one seems perfect. Just wondering, did you use the same interfacing as specified in the pattern or did use you another type. Thanks for your time. Connie (Perth) :)

  2. Hi Connie! I didn't use the interfacing specified- I did mean to include what I used but obviously overlooked that bit! I used fusible fleece 630 (vilene) for the thermolan and a heavy weight fusible interfacing (for the craft-fuse). You can buy Pellon Peltex 71F online or some spotlight stores (Cannington does) carry it under the cutting counter. You might have to ask, when I first saw it there the lady didn't even know what it was or that they sold it! Sew Creative Supplies also carries some interfacings. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Thanks Michelle. I live in Morley so Midland and Osborne Park are my closest Spotlight stores. I will ring them to see if they have it. I found your blog while googling the bag reviews. It's always a thrill when I find one from Perth. I've subscribed to your newsletters and look forward to your updates. Thanks again. :) Connie


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