Quick Six for Friday...and a winner!

1. Her humour
2. Stonehenge, Esperance
3. Rolling in the sand dunes, Sandy Cape
4. Running up Wave Rock, Hyden
5. Mother's Day gifting - jam jar covers
5. Barbie and Big Girl Capelets

These are snipets from our past couple of months. Seems blogging has gotten away from me! Sewing however has not and there is a lot (made and mess) on the floor of the sewing room this week. Upmarket prep in full swing. Lots of capes, a few barbie capes and dresses, pants for boys and girls. There will be a bundle of knight hoodies for sale at next Sunday, so if you want one for your small knight, take a stroll around UWA. I'll be indoors this time, in the junior section.

Speaking of knight hoodies, if you dont follow on Facebook, you wont have heard that Wendy R was the extremely lucky winner of the handmade Knight Hoodie.  The winner of the pattern very kindly donated by Charming Doodle was Elena W. Congratulations to both and a huge thankyou to all those who liked, shared and loved the knight hoodie!

And a bit more of "her humour". I really couldn't get her to stand still long enough for the perfect shot, but she made me laugh all the same.


Happy Friday! 


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