Knights and Dragons and Damsels in Distress


Do you remember, when you were a kid, dressing up as a princess and fighting the dragons, being rescued by the charming knight? Yeah, me neither! I do remember that my Grandma had a fabulous dress up box in her bathroom. It's probably still there! I don't actually remember what was in it, except for a cowboy outfit, whose life expectancy was probably cut short by my lil' sis?!? I know we used to dress her up a lot.

And I do remember climbing trees with my tea set. Seriously, which kid doesn't love a little tree climbing and a little dress up!?

This knight hoodie is the perfect answer to doing both. A dress up that is totally OK for everyday wear. Yup, no need to drag superman or spidey through the supermarket with you. Take a Knight. Or maybe you could make him into a Ninja. You could even have a Knight GIRL. Maybe I should try that. Leave the screaming banshee princess at home and take the sensible, brave Knight GIRL.

You know you're onto a winner when the boys actually want to repeat wear things you've made. And when you get a request for a big cousin. It is coming!


The knight fought the dragon, and since the dragon didn't really like being hit over the head with a plastic sword, they duelled by rock-paper-scissors.


These guys really are great friends in real life.

 And she's saying, who wouldn't want one?

Thanks to for doing the hard yards and coming up with a pattern.  I wonder how her adult sizes are coming along? I did modify the Knight Hoodies I've made a bit (of course) but will save that for another time.

If you want to purchase a Knight Hoodie from The Toffee Tree, head over to my Etsy store here, where you can find custom listings in children's sizes 2-10.

Photography by Elke Dous Photography
Models supplied by Elke and myself.

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