Baby Bonnets and To Lace, or Not To Lace?


Sometimes, getting a special request can lead to something better.

Like a simple request for a plain white bonnet. I had thrown the idea around before about doing baptism or christening bonnets, and like just about everything else on my 'dreamy ideas to sew' list...haven't got around to it. Yet. Now, I have. I have no idea whether the delightful Mum who ordered this bonnet wanted it for a special occasion, like a bapstism, but I offered to make the brim smaller than what usually goes onto these bonnets.  She 'yes please'd that idea and this is what I came up with for her 12 month old, who is going to South Africa to meet her grandparents.  

And you know what? I do kinda like it like that. For a smaller bub anyway. I ticked the winner box. For now you'll have to settle for a picture of it on Dolly's head (if you think Dolly should have a name other than Dolly, leave me a comment below!).

Since there is ALWAYS a pattern in things happening, here's what happened next... My mother-in-law asked me to make a bonnet for a little new baby, for a friend of hers. [There must be some thanks to her for this whole bonnet thing, as she gave me the original, vintage 1970s that her girls wore, for Miss A to use when she was smaller.] Fabric? I could choose, whatever took my fancy.

I did a bit of cleaning up, tidying last week. In the sewing studio, silly! As if I'd spend precious time cleaning my house! And I came across this long forgotten Cuddlepot and Snugglepie May Gibbs fabric. Perfect for a little baby girl.

I got straight to work, downsized the pattern, took a bit more off the brim and this incy wincy tiny sized sun bonnet is now on it's way to an tiny sized baby girl. Lets hope it's small enough!!

The best thing about these bonnets is that you only need a fat quater for each side. If you are really clever then you can squeeze it out of a bit less. I only had a smidge of this gumnut baby print and so the little gumnut babies at the back aren't perfectly centred.In fact, they barely made it onto the fabric. You know, when you've made your mind up about something, you do everything possible to make it happen. This was one of those times. I just wanted to use those gumnut babies!! I folded, turned, ironed, re-folded, turned again, checked, trimmed bits and I think it's just right! And that ribbon trim is supposed to be a bit crinkly ;)

Are you wondering what this has to do with lace? Well...that's the NEXT step. I just haven't stepped it. 
I'm thinking...should I add lace to my bonnets? This lace I found while hunting in fabric stores in Melbourne is devine. It actually came from a clothing outlet store (don't remember the name) on Brunswick St in Melbourne. I do remember the bar (where we had lunch, don't get too excited) down the road was the Black Cat Cafe. There was a whole heap of Alannah Hill and Princess Highway clearance stuff AND THEN upstairs was a small fabric clearance section. So I stuffed bundles of lace and zippers into bags and got them dirt cheap. That shopping without kids thing was slightly dangerous. I digress.

The lace...and I'm thinking...


The last of my bonnets for 2014 are available in my Etsy store. There are two sized 0-2 years and only one 2-4years (which I have just noticed I have never photographed...oops!).


I love the size of the brims on these bonnets because it DOES actually keep the sun off a tiny face. No sunburned cheeks or noses here. While there is a time and place for everything, I'm in a little quandry now. Do I keep making the regular bonnets with the brim I've always done, and do I go back to a smaller brim for smaller babies, which means making another size, perhaps 0-6 months. Do I add a lace or ribbon trim, to make it pop a bit more?

If you'd like a lovely parcel, like this one, to arrive on your doorstep, head over to my Etsy store to see what is left in stock before someone else snaps it up!

Pssst...You can keep an eye on my Facebook page or Etsy store for more fabulous bonnets in the new year and dont forget if you sign up for my newsletter (come on, so far I've only sent a welcome one! I'm hardly going to bother you too much!) I will make sure you are the first to hear when new bonnets are headed into the online stores.


  1. What beautiful sun bonnets, Michelle and that gumnut baby fabric is just gorgeous. You can't go wrong, either with or without the lace.


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