{Kids Clothes Week} Unicorn Moku Skort

A little unicorn love for you today. This fabric is from Heather Ross's Far Far Away collection, purchased from Muddy Ruffles Fabric Addiction (and these fabrics just happen to be on sale right now!). I made Anya a Fawn Lily Tunic with the blue colourway here which I now realised I still haven't blogged! She wore both skirt and tunic together together today, because they matched!

I did get sewing most days for Kids Clothes Week. I had intermission mid week to finish a bag off (which I'll share tomorrow), but resumed for the rest of the week. I didn't quite get an hour every day, but close to it.

This is Anya's favourite new skirt/shorts=skort! This awesome pattern is by Tadah Patterns (formerly Fresh Patterns) and is a super duper quick sew. It can be found in the One Thimble magazine (Issue 5) or bought separately here. I would highly recommend it as an easy sewing pattern, suitable for beginners. But if you're not a beginner, don't let that stop you! There is nothing like quick satisfaction, with a winner result for girls who love to twirl!  

I didn't read the instructions while I was sewing it up, so the elastic goes all the way around , instead of just through the back waistband. Doesn't affect the function of the skirt, but I would do it properly next time!

Pattern - Moku Skort, by Tadah Patterns
Fabric - Far Far Away Unicorn Green from Muddy Ruffles


  1. Looks so lovely... Beautiful fabric, a perfect twirly skirt!

    1. Thank you, so very much! My daughter just love this skirt too!!

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