{ Project of the Week } Vintage Circus Sit Upon pattern available.

Blogging took a bit of a dive last year, but now I'm ready to jump back into it! There are so so many projects that I did and just never found (made) the time to share on the blog.  Over the next few months, I'm aiming to share a project a week, so I'll start with a more recent(ish) one because it's just so flippin practical you should all have a set for the whole gang!

You know I am a huge fan of the One Thimble e-zine (and if you didn't,  now you do!). It's an Aussie sewing digital magazine filled with brilliant patterns and advice.  Last year I had TWO patterns published in OT. The first on was the Li'l Red Capelet for Barbie sized dolls, but you'll have to wait another week for that one (did I really not do that post on the blog??!!) 

The second one was this absolutely fabulous (yes I'm biased, but it really is!) picnic circle AKA the vintage circus sit upon. Yeah yeah, I know, there are plenty of tutorials online for similar things. So why should you make this one? Because it will make you feel very clever! This pattern includes instructions to make a plain Jane circle, like you might find in the online sewing world, plus instructions to embellish it with an amazing applique (applique patterns also in OT issue 9) PLUS has pattern pieces and instructions to piece two different kinds of sprocket and starburst designs. I've also added a waterproof top layer to protect the applique on the top. You could leave this off all together if you weren't worried about your applique friends fraying a little. 

Having two designs that were so similar was unintentional really. I constructed the pattern for the starburst with varied sized wedges first and then thought it would be easier to do all the wedges the same size. My pattern testers actually noticed they were different and so we decided to offer both patterns, ever so slightly different. I love that the starburst makes it look like our hero is popping out of the limelight! 

The free motion embroidered appliques by Sarah at Ric Rac and Retro really are something else. They add such a unique touch to just about any sewing project. There are two applique patterns for this issue plus a couple in some earlier issues of OT. When you combine these picnic circles with the a really funky appliqu, you'll be the envy of every other Mum at the park. Or on the school oval. And kids especially love that they have their own little mat to have their tea party on. 

See how much fun the kids can have with a picnic mat that's like no other. These are great to use all year round, no more wrestling with a ginormous picnic blanket and kids can carry their own. Check out what my amazing testers have done with theirs.

You may have seen peeks of this on Facebook already and if you want to know what I'm doing on a more regular basis, follow along with me on Facebook or Instagram. 


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